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History of Texas Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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  • 1895: A session of the state legislature, at the call of Gov. Culberson, stops the proposed bout between Bob Fitzsimmons and James J. Corbett at Stewarts Boxing Carnival in Dallas. (See Sept. 4, 1914 Tacoma Daily News (Tacoma, WA, USA) wire report.)
  • 1909-06-09: Governor Campbell threatens to call a special session of the state legislature to outlaw boxing, after the ring-death of Ed Lyons. Tacoma Daily News wire report
  • 1920-04-29: San Antonio promotor Jack Shelton stages his first card on which decisions are rendered.
  • 1923-01-02: Jack Shelton announces after Kid Pancho scored an unpopular win over Jimmy Russo that fights staged by the Business Men's A.C. will no longer go to a decision. The following week's rematch between Pancho and Russo would be the B.M.C.A.'s first no-decision card.
  • 1929-06: Acting on a law prohibiting prizefighting, Gov. Dan Moody of Texas orders several boxing shows halted. The ban however does not effect fights held at army posts, as these are held primarily for the entertainment of enlisted men.
  • 1933-09-01: Boxing is legalized in the state. (Prior to this time certain Cities allowed boxing under local laws). The sport had been illegal ever since Gov. Culberson stopped the proposed Fitzsimmons v. Corbett bout in 1895. Under the new law boxing matches were not permitted to last longer than 10 rounds, except championship matches which were not to exceed 15 rounds. No round was to last longer than 3 minutes and decisions were to be rendered.