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History of Utah Boxing Legislation, Rules & Regulations

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  • 1910-06-17: Salt Lake County Sheriff Joseph C. Sharp wants to rid the county of "'meal ticket' prize fighters" who have "infested" the area. There are about 45 of them hanging around the clubs and saloons. Sharp declares he'll enforce the law prohibiting prizefighting in the county, outside the incorporated cities. [1]
  • 1912-01-10: Salt Lake City officials adopt resolution prohibiting prizefighting. (Obviously, this does not apply to Ogden.) Promoters can still seek permits to stage "unobjectionable entertainment"--which probably means "boxing contests." [2]. See also [3] [4]
  • 1912-10-17: The near-fatality of Chalky Germain prompts Salt Lake City Police Chief R. F. Grant to 'clamp down' on pro boxing in the city, where prizefighting remains illegal anyway. [5] See also [6] [7].
  • 1913-02-25: A bill to legalize professional boxing is passed by the Utah House of Representatives. The bill is similar to the current New York state law, except that it makes the limit of rounds 15 instead of ten. The Senate then passes the bill March 13. [8]