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Hello, I am Robert, an elementary school teacher with five college degrees now living in Manhattan, married with a daughter, and studying for my Doctorate in Education. I have been covering boxing events as a journalist since the early 1970s at hotels in upstate New York near where I lived and where many fighters trained and fought. I cover alot of boxing cards today for various boxing sites in and around the New York-New Jersey-Pennsylvania areas.

I try to keep my Boxrec reporting as neutral, factual and as to the point as possible, while also 'capturing the moment' as to what transpired at the boxing events I cover that is of great interest. I do a great job reporting on cable television boxing cards too. I am open-minded and open to correction at any time. I find at times, some contributors are 'bent' towards a particular fighter when they report and they later criticize me for seeing it differently then they do. I call it as I see it, and even put up relevant Youtube fight clips in the public domain that enable the Boxrec reader to 'judge the events for themselves'.

Factual reporting, with as vivid a historical description as possible of interesting boxing events as they transpire (including quotes from the principals where available) should be our goal as Boxrec reporters. Not too long ago, after a fight card in New York City, I asked former world champion Iran 'the Blade' Barkley for a few minutes to provide some neutral observations on what goes on inside the ring from a fighter's viewpoint and what is important for a boxing journalist to understand, a unique prospectus. Barkley and other fighters past and present have been very gracious gentlemen in offering me great insight (in fact thrilled I would even ask them), for when we write, we have to understand what goes on inside the ring, not just comment on what we see outside the ring. I also have several years of full contact martial arts training (recent) background which helps me to perceive the goings on in the ring to a greater dimension (versus just having literary enthusiasm, a pen and paper) as there is a big difference when you've been there versus you have not. I remain open-minded to criticism and correction.

Thank you and God bless.

With Friendship,

Robert B