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That all I have for him now. Was he a Korean War Vet, appears to be, if so you should enter him in the Vet category. Do you have anything on Harry Smith of Buffalo? Regards, Bert

Please check out this page. Bert

Sometimes tournaments overlaped in the early 40's the Mid-Atlantic AAU & Diamond Belt final were fought in the same match, this match also qualified the winner in many cases to enter The New York Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. In that era for different reasons (financial, military service), some may not have went. The New York City tournament may have been recognized as a springboard to the New York Tournament of Champions, although it was still an entity of its own. It was much different than the set format used since 1964, by the Golden Gloves of America. With no disrespect to any other city tournaments, The New York and Chicago City Tournaments were the mother tournaments of the Golden Gloves, the originals & largest (19,231 at 1944 NY City final)(16,039 at the 1944 NY Tournament of Champions final), in the golden era, winning one of them was huge. It's is generally accepted that the New York City, the Chicago City, the NY Tournament of Champions, the Chicago Tournament of Champions & the Intercity Golden Gloves were the premier Golden Glove tournaments in that era, That's why these tournaments have been recognized on this site with a category. Regards, Bert

Totaly disagree. The NY City and Chicago City Tournaments were first, even out drew the others at times (1944). Bert