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Jeff, the New York (Dailey News) Golden Gloves covers the tri-state area, should I presume it’s the immediate area around NY City or the entire states. Please respond, Bert

Jeff, I think the info your using is for the metro champs different from the NY champs. Check the NY Metro Page I created. regards Bert

Bert, the info I am using is for the New York Golden Gloves. All of the fighters I listed won the NYGG not the NY Metropolitan Golden Gloves. I think I am correct in this. I have followed the NYGG for 40 years and have never heard it referred to as the NY Metropolitan Golden Gloves.

Hi, any help on this issue.

Jeff, I'm not disputing that, Metropolitan is just a term for city, the New York Golden Gloves page was set up for the 1928 to 1961 New York Golden Gloves Tournement of Champions, fighters participated for that title from Maine To Florida, for instance check your records and see if you see some of the fighters listed on the New York Golden Gloves category as it is now, you may see Ray Robinson because he won both, on Feb 19,1940 he beat Andy Nonella in the city (Met) Championship on March 5,1940 he beat Howard Heltrich in the NY Golden Gloves Championship sometimes referred to as the eastern championship(which was not correct), the correct term for that title is New York Golden Gloves Championship.the same goes for the Chicago Golden Gloves, that's how it was in that era The National Golden Gloves which started in 1962 may have the city titles included I don't know. The GG's can be confusing.regards Bert

Bert, how about if I add a category called New York Daily News Golden Gloves Champions because that is what it has been called since I remember. Please give me your feedback. Jeff

Jeff does the page I posted New York Metropolitan Golden Gloves Champions coincide with your records of NY GG Champions ? Please let me know. I don’t think a category would be necessary, maybe a page and link it to Golden Gloves, maybe you should run it by Matt or Ric. Please keep me posted, appreciate any help, regards bert