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Scott Mallon was born in Coral Gables, Florida, just close enough to the 5th Street Gym to garner his interest in boxing as a young boy and just far enough away to keep his overprotective mother from driving him there to train. He grew up reading Pat Putnam in the Miami Herald and was fortunate to remember at least some of the 60’s and 70’s, including many of the big fights. At the tender young age of seventeen, he decided to Go West to find his fortune and ended up traveling around the world, sans fortune. In 1995 he took his first of what would be many trips to Thailand and was hooked. After growing weary of traveling back and forth to the country, he decided to stay for a year to train in Thai boxing and has been there ever since.

He’s written and shot photos for HBO Sports, Ring Magazine, Boxing Digest, Boxing News, The Fist,, Black Belt, The Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Blitz Magazine, The Phuket Gazette, Muay Lok and various other publications and is a winner of a 2007 Barney Award. He is a member of the Boxing Writers Association of America, Ring Magazine’s Rating Panel, the International Boxing Research Organization and is an editor for He now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and their two children.

Below are two of his sites:

Far East Photos

Boxing in Asia