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Welcome to the wiki, you are getting the hang of it nicely :-) Are you from Goldthorpe ? I live about 7 miles away ! JohnShep 21:00, 26 December 2006 (CST)

Actually, Goldthorpe is the last name of a minor-league hockey enforcer from the 70's. A real wild man. I'm actually from Long Island. I'm going to try to get photos of some of the venues my grandfather and his brother fought at locally here in NY for the site. I'll even take photos myself of what the current places look like now. Gregg

Augie Pisano Edit

I am reverting the Augie Pisano page back to what it said before you decided to delete the "hired killer" reference. I know you posted a query about this in the CBZ Forum, and I responded. But you decided anyway to remove the reference altogether. Luckett Davis told me today by e-mail that he believed his source may have been THE RING, but cannot find the reference off-hand, as THE RING is so voluminous.

Anyway, I believe the proper protocol here in the Wiki is NEVER to delete text of this nature. We often come across newspaper, magazine, or other sources that claim a particular fact which turns out to be incorrect. Such as someone never having been knocked down in a bout, or being an Olympic Games participant, etc. In this case, we have a reference that Pisano was believed to have been a hired killer. Now, if you want to add a caveat that a check of the NYT never mentions this fact, then feel free to add that. But DO NOT delete the alleged factoid.

We leave in this erroneous information, with the caveat, because other visitors may come down the pike in the future and say to themselves: "Hey?! I thought I read somewhere that such and such was a fact." Leaving in the incorrect info, with a caveat, is helpful to them. See, for example, how that was done in this fight page. --Ric 17:55, 1 January 2007 (CST)

Hi Ric,

Sorry Ric, I thought we were free to correct a possible wrong entry. Of course it makes sense to add a note saying it could possibly be wrong. I'll do that in the future. Thanks. Gregg

Hello, Gregg

I'm looking forward to what you will contribute from the research you have done and are doing. Welcome aboard from me, too. --Ric 00:06, 2 January 2007 (CST)

Fight Code

When creating a fight page, remember to add the "fight code" at the very top. The fight code is the fight number (which you can see at the top of any fight page) contained within "fight" code tags, like this: <fight>12345</fight>

The fight code will automatically insert the names of the boxers, result, location, and date. You can then add other text and images. You can get other instructions and help here.

Try it on the new page here you just created. --Ric 12:55, 4 January 2007 (CST)

I knew something was missing, thanks for the reminder.

NY Venues Category

Goldthorpe: please check out this message. --Ric 11:55, 6 January 2007 (CST)

Category Code

Here's an example (the text between the "no wiki" text), if you click the "Edit" tab of your User page here:

== Brooklyn, NY, USA == *Prospect & Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn *Used as a boxing venue from ? to ? [[Category:New York State Venues|Prospect Hall]] [[Category:New York City Venues|Prospect Hall]] [[Category:Brooklyn Venues|Prospect Hall]]

I just updated the Commack Arena under NY venues, was this the correct place to do it? Also, I'd like to add a New Jersey venue, I think it should go here: but I'm not sure where to add the new venue under "O" for Oakland SC in Jersey City. thanks.

Just create a page. It was automatically be put in the "O" section by the wiki software, once you create the category code. --Ric 17:16, 6 January 2007 (CST)

Become a Fellow BoxRec Volunteer?

Have you considered becoming a fellow BoxRec volunteer? As such, you can add to, and edit stuff in, the BoxRec database. To do so, ask JohnShep for a user name and password by e-mail: . --Ric 22:05, 6 January 2007 (CST)

Ric, I'm not up too much on the current boxing scene, my interest lies in the 1920'-1930's. My background is more in line with information from newspapers and programs. I'd do it, but what does it entail? Gregg - P.S. I just sent John an article showing a bout that took place in 1922 between Babe Hernam, alias Hreman J. Sousa, and Jack Hausner that was ruled a DQ by the ref because the boxers didn't try enough. I think it should be included in their records and I beleive John agrees...that's the stuff I like to find.

My interest also lies with boxing circa 1920-40, too. Being a fellow Editor does not "entail" any obligation whatsoever. You just contribute at your leisure. But be forewarned: many of us find that it becomes addictive enjoyment contributing to both the BoxRec database and the Encyclopedia. --Ric 13:04, 8 January 2007 (CST)

Ric, I did always notice since I joined that when I call up a boxers record that there are little notes sometimes about a fight, who the ref was, time of the round and maybe a blurb from a newspaper. I think many of my notes could be inserted there but I guess unless you're an editor they have to be put under the blue book icon. If I become a volunteer would I be able to access that and make notations that way?

Yes. --Ric 14:20, 8 January 2007 (CST) okay, I'll ask John for the info. I'd be glad to input any info I find. In fact, tomorrow, I'm going to the Brooklyn Public Library to look up some info in the Brooklyn Eagle microfilm on my grandfather and Great Uncle who were boxers. If I find any other useful info I'll post it on the forum.