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A couple of things:

"Controversial Decision"

First, we have a crucial guideline around here: we do not put in a fight page the generic "The decision was controversial." Or words to that effect. If that phrase is put in a fight page, it will be deleted, unless supported by citation to one or more sources. We get too many of these claims of a "disputed" or "controversial" decision, with nothing to support that assertion. Some feel a certain fight was controversial (usually the loser's supporters), while others dispute that claim (usually the winner's supporters). It is just too subjective a statement. Unless you can support it with some authoritative source. In your new fight page: Fight:1167538, the phrase "Cantu wins a very disputed decision" will be deleted unless you have more supporting authority than your generic claim.

Fight Code

Second when creating a fight page, remember to add the "fight code" at the very top of the page. The fight code is the fight number (which you can see at the top of any fight page) contained within "fight" code tags, like this: <fight>12345</fight>

The fight code automatically inserts the boxers' names, location, result, and date of the fight. You can then add text and images to that page. See the Help page for more information. --Ric 14:14, 13 January 2007 (CST)