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I added several New York Golden Gloves Champions to the NYGG category and most have been moved. Why? Jeff, your entering the NY Metropolitan (City) Champs on a category that was set up for the New York Tournement of Champions which included the states of Maine to Flordia, link them to the New York Metropolitan Champions page. regards Bert

Jeff, the New York (Dailey News) Golden Gloves covers the tri-state area, should I presume it’s the immediate area around NY City or the entire states. Please respond, Bert

Hi Bert, it covers the entire states. Boxers entered the NYGG from Connecticut, New Jersey even some from Pennsylvania. In the state of New York some Boxers entered from as far away as 90 miles from the City. Floyd Patterson's gym was in New Paltz NY which is at least 50 miles away. In the 70's Patterson entered many boxers in the NYGG. Many towns in Long Island such as Huntington where Gerry Cooney started at the Huntington Recreation entered many boxers. Huntington is at least 40-50 miles from NYC. Thanks