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I am deleting your "Cliff Sparr" page, because it was not created properly. As the "Help" page suggests, when creating a new boxer page, you should first have done a BoxRec name search, to see if Sparr was already in the database. He is. Then you should have clicked on the blue book wiki icon to come to this wikipedia, and THEN created his page. I have done that. His page is now located here.

Do you have any bio information we can add to his page, including date and place of birth, date death (?), height, what he did after he stopped boxing. Do you have a good publicity photo of him. Also, please send to me all know fights he had, from your newspaper research. We can add that to his BoxRec fight record.

Also, for the newspaper clippings you DO have, can I get the full cards? By that I mean, please give me not only the results of Cliff's fights, but the results of all other fights mentioned in the newspaper article. Plus the name of the newspaper source. Also, please double-check the dates of the bouts. Are you giving us the date of the fight itself, or the day-after newspaper report date? Finally, when you note the time of the KO, are all those in the first round? Such as the fights with Taylor, George Thomas, Fine, Scranton, etc. Thank you.