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Wanker, Try using the "Show Preview" button, instead of the "Save Page" button, when making edits. This will reduce the number of registered edits in the page history, as it seems most of your edits are very minor. Once you are satisfied with the final changes, THEN click the "Save Page" button. --Ric 23:51, 23 Dec 2005 (CST) I'm putting you on a time-out" for a bit. You have destroyed the standard format of this page. The standard format of boxer pages includes a "boxer code," which you would know if you had read the "Help" page. You deleted the boxer code to reqrite the boxer profile (name, manager, nickname, link to BoxRec record, etc.), AND you recreated Eubank's career record--when the link to his record is sufficient. And you refused to follow my suggestion to use the "Preview" option, thereby creating this unnecessarily HUGE edit history, and to artificially inflate this page's page views. Relax for a moment.--Ric 08:48, 24 Dec 2005 (CST)