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Viktor Mednov (27 November 1927 - 22 June 2009) was the Light Welterweight (140 lb/63.5 kg) Olympic Silver Medalist at the 1952 Helsinki Olympiad. Mednov had survived a difficult second-round bout with Francisc Ambrus of Romania, in which both boxers were badly cut, with Mednov prevailing when the referee stopped the bout, due to injuries sustained by both boxers, and awarded the fight to Mednov. Mednov was able to catch a break in his semi-final bout, when his opponent Erkki Mallenius had to withdraw with a hand injury. In the final he was defeated by Chuck Adkins on a 2-1 decision, entering the bout with stitches over both eyes. Mednov's bout with Adkins was notable, as it was the first boxing match ever fought between boxers from the United States and the Soviet Union.

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