WBU Heavyweight Title Fights

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  • 1994 Jun Title is Vacant
  • 1995 Mar 29 WBU announced that they would recognize George Foreman as the champion after he vacated the IBF title.
  • 1995 Apr 22 George Foreman - Axel Schulz W-12 maj Las Vegas, NV
  • 1996 Nov 2 George Foreman - Crawford Grimsley p; W-12 unan Chiba, Japan (Foreman also defended his IBA title.)
  • 1997 Apr 26 George Foreman - Lou Savarese W-12 splt Atlantic City, NJ even though Foreman was the WBU and IBA champion, this bout was not recognized by either the WBU as a title fight because of a dispute over judges. Foreman soon relinquished both titles; the WBU title was declared to be vacant.
  • 1997 Nov 15 Corrie Sanders - Ross Puritty W-12 unan Pretoria, South Africa For the vacant title.
  • 1998 Jun 12 Corrie Sanders - Bobby Czyz TKO-2 rsf Montville, CT
  • 1999 Jul 2 Corrie Sanders - Jorge Valdes TKO-1 rsf Bristol, England
  • 2000 Feb 19 Corrie Sanders - Al Cole TKO-1 rsf Brakpan, South Africa
  • 2000 May 20 Hasim Rahman - Corrie Sanders TKO-7 rsf Atlantic City, NJ
  • 2001 Apr 21 Hasim Rahman vacated the WBU title to fight Lennox Lewis for the WBC, IBF and IBO titles. The WBU title was declared to be vacant.
  • 2001 Nov 24 Johnny Nelson - Alexander Vasiliev &nbssp; W-12 unan Bethnal Green, England For the vacant title.
  • 2001 Dec 4 Johnny Nelson relinquished the title to concentrate on his WBO Cruiserweight title, WBU title is vacant.
  • 2002 Dec 21 Georgi Kandelaki - Alexander Vasiliev TKO-12 rsf St. Petersburg, Russia For the vacant title
  • 2004 Jan Georgi Kandelaki was either stripped of the title or vacated it. WBU title is vacant.
  • 2005 Feb 25 Matt Skelton - Fabio Eduardo Moli TKO-6 rsf London, England For the vacant title