Wasfi Tolaymat

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Wasfi Tolaymat

Wasfi Tolaymat (born May 21, 1954, in Syria) is a Chicago businessman and boxing manager who owns and operates the Chicago Fight Club Boxing Gym. He works with his wife, Chicago boxing promoter Cynthia Tolaymat [who owns Chicago Fight Clubs Promotion LLC and specializes in the promotion of boxing and mixed martial arts to put on amateur and professional boxing shows in Chicago. A Jordanian immigrant, Wasfi Tolaymat is the owner of Sibley Supply, a store fixtures and restaurant equipment supply company in the Chicago area. He resides with his wife and five children in Chicago. Before immigrating to the United States in 1978, Tolaymat was an international bus driver covering routes between Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Lebanon. He later opened a successful driving school and an Arab coffee shop in Chicago.

The Man with the Sign, Selling Living History

Known for his signature hat, entrepreneur Wasfi Tolaymat was world famous in 1995 as 'the man with the sign' during O.J. Simpson's trial, who purchased all 31 pieces at auction, the contents of the hotel room O.J. Simpson stayed in at Chicago's O'Hare Plaza Hotel on June 13, 1994 for $4000 from the night he 'supposedly' gashed his hand, including: the carpet, drapes, a holy bible, the ashtray, ice bucket, bed, dresser, the mirrors, chairs, a table, night tables, lamps, the pictures and more. He offered the lot for immediate resale during the trial for $1,000,000. Offers of $300,000 and $700,000 for the complete bric-a-brac collection of O.J. Simpson's Chicago O'Hare Plaza Hotel room items got turned down. O. J. Simpson checked into the O'Hare Plaza Hotel 4:15 A.M. Central Standard Time, checked out of the hotel 5:45 A.M. Central Standard Time, and caught a 7:41 A.M. flight back to Los Angeles. The hotel room where Simpson stayed in Chicago was later secured by the Chicago Police Department, where police discovered a broken glass in the sink. No blood was found on or near the glass, but blood was found on the sheets and towels.[8] Simpson later claimed he re-injured his left middle finger when he broke a glass in the hotel room and gashed himself upon learning what had happened to his wife Nicole Simpson. Famed pathologist Dr. Michael Baden testified the broken hotel room glass at the Plaza caused O.J. Simpson's left hand wounds. Tolaymat 'seized' the moment during public relations hysteria the Simpson trial caused to create a worldwide memorabilia sensation.

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