Wilfred Benitez vs. Thomas Hearns

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Benitez (left) and Hearns exchange punches.

1982-12-03 : Thomas Hearns 153¾ lbs beat Wilfred Benitez 152 lbs by MD in round 15 of 15


  • Each fighter was guaranteed $1.25 million.
  • The fight was shown on pay-per-view and closed circuit television in 150 locations.
  • There was an estimated crowd of 12,000 at the Superdome.
  • Hearns had a point deducted in the fourth round for pulling Benitez's head down.
  • Benitez suffered a knockdown in the fifth round. After being hit on the chin with a right, Benitez staggered back and broke his fall by placing both gloves on the floor. As Hearns moved in, the referee jumped between the two and gave Benitez a mandatory eight-count.
  • In the ninth round, Benitez scored what a television replay showed to be a phantom knockdown. While eluding a left hand, which missed him by several inches, Hearns stumbled and fell after Benitez stepped on his foot. The referee ruled it a knockdown.
  • Pat Putnam of Sports Illustrated reported: "It has been the lot of Thomas Hearns to be regarded solely as a cannon, something to be rolled into a ring to reduce an opponent to rubble. Last Friday night, against Wilfred Benitez in New Orleans' Superdome, Hearns finally showed that he brings more to boxing than a big bang. Fighting with only his left hand from the eighth round on after hurting the right on Benitez' head, Hearns outboxed the master boxer and lifted the Puerto Rican's WBC super welterweight (154-pound) championship on a majority decision."