Yuriorkis Gamboa vs. Marcos Ramirez

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CompuBox Punchstats [1]

Total Punches Gamboa Ramirez Landed 28 20 Thrown 104 82 Pct. 27% 24% Jabs Gamboa Ramirez Landed 1 3 Thrown 15 31 Pct. 7% 10% Power Punches Gamboa Ramirez Landed 27 17 Thrown 89 51 Pct. 30% 33%

2008-10-04 : Yuriorkis Gamboa 126½ lbs beat Marcos Ramirez 126 lbs by KO at 1:41 in round 2 of 10

Bout Summary

  • After landing three good hooks through out the first half of the first round, Ramirez floored Gamboa with a right hand followed by an elbow.
  • Gamboa knocked down Ramirez twice in the second round. The first was to a knee, from a right uppercut. As Gamboa charged in to finish Ramirez, Ramirez landed a hook that buckled Gamboa's knees.
  • The second was from many blows, the last a right cross, which may have received a quick count for he was up at 9 1/2.