Zab Judah vs. Lucas Martin Matthysse

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Judah Matthysse
Landed 150 165
Thrown 634 665
Pct. 24% 25%
Jabs Judah Matthysse
Landed 87 18
Thrown 496 250
Pct. 18% 7%
Power Punches Judah Matthysse
Landed 63 147
Thrown 138 415
Pct. 46% 35%

2010-11-06 : Zab Judah 139 lbs beat Lucas Martin Matthysse 140 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • NABO Light Welterweight Title (Vacant Title)
  • IBF and WBO Light Welterweight Eliminator for the #2 spot


Zab Judah vs. Lucas Martin Matthysse.jpg
  • Lucas Martin Matthysse 27-0 going in to this bout.
  • After the IBF's weigh-in the morning of the fight Judah weighed 143 pounds, rehydrating four pounds. Matthysse meanwhile rehydrated to 151 after weighing in at the light welterweight of 140 pounds on the Friday.
  • Judah outboxes the slower Matthysse over the first half of the bout before Matthysse rallied late. [1]
  • Controversial decision for Judah who was down in round 10 and put under heavy pressure for the last four rounds.

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# 33
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