1996 United States Olympians

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In 1996, the United States sent a full roster of twelve boxers to Atlanta, Georgia. The team had one gold medalist, David Reid, along with four bronze medalists (Mayweather, Cauthen, Wells, Tarver).



Round of 32

  • 106lbs:Albert Guardado DEF Modiradilo Healer, BOT Points 11-9
  • 112lbs:Maikro Romero, CUB DEF Eric Morel Points 24-12
  • 119lbs:Zahir Raheem DEF Jong Gil Hoe, PRK Points 19-4
  • 125lbs:Floyd Mayweather DEF Bashirar Tlleganov, KAZ RSC 2(Injury)
  • 132lbs:Terrance Cauthen DEF Mohamad Abdullaev, KAZ Points 18-6
  • 139lbs:David Diaz DEF Jacobo Garcia, ISV RSC 3
  • 147lbs:Fernando Vargas DEF Tengiz Meskhadze, GEO Points 10-4
  • 156lbs:David Reid DEF Wan-Kyun Lee, KOR Points 20-4
  • 165lbs:Rhosii Wells DEF Sefid Dashti Mollal, IRN Points 24-7
  • 178lbs:Antonio Tarver DEF Dmitri Vibornov, RUS Points 5-2

Round of 16

  • 106lbs:Albert Guardado DEF Anicet Rasoanaivo, MAD Points 9-4
  • 119lbs:Arnaldo Mesa, CUB DEF Zahir Raheem RSC 1
  • 125lbs:Floyd Mayweather DEF Artur Grigorian, ARM Points 16-3
  • 132lbs:Terrance Cauthen DEF Tumentsetec Uitumen, MON Points 10-9
  • 139lbs:Oktay Urkal, GER DEF David Diaz Points 14-6
  • 147lbs:Marain Simion, ROM DEF Fernando Vargas Points 8-7
  • 156lbs:David Reid DEF Pavol Polakovic, CZE Points 12-5
  • 165lbs:Rhosii Wells DEF Jose Ricardo Rodriguez, BRA Points 16-2
  • 178lbs:Antonio Tarver DEF David Kowah, SLE RSC 1
  • 201lbs:Nate Jones DEF Fola Okesola, GBR RSC 3
  • +201lbs:Wladimir Klitschko, UKR DEF Lawrence Clay Bey Points 10-8


  • 106lbs:Oleg Kiriuchin, UKR DEF Albert Guardado Points 19-14
  • 125lbs:Floyd Mayweather DEF Lorenzo Aragon, CUB Points 12-11
  • 132lbs:Terrance Cauthen DEF Phongsit Wiangwiset, THA Points 14-10
  • 156lbs:David Reid DEF Mohamed Salah Marmouri, TUN Points 13-8
  • 165lbs:Rhosii Wells DEF Dilshon Jarbekov, UZB Points 8-8
  • 178lbs:Antonio Tarver DEF Enrique Flores, PER RSC 3(headshots)


  • 125lbs:Serafim Todorov, BUL DEF Floyd Mayweather Points 9-8 (Mayweather wins broze medal)
  • 132lbs:Tontcho Tontchev, BUL DEF Terrance Cauthen Points 15-12 (Cauthen wins broze medal)
  • 156lbs:David Reid DEF Karim Tulaganov, UZB Points 12-4
  • 165lbs:Ariel Hernandez, CUB DEF Rhosii Wells Points 17-8 (Wells wins broze medal)
  • 178lbs:Vasilliy Jirov, KAZ DEF Antonio Tarver Points 15-9 (Tarver wins broze medal)


  • 156lbs:David Reid DEF Alfredo Duvergel, CUB KO 3 (Reid wins gold medal)

Professional Accomplishments

Floyd Mayweather would go on to win titles at Super Featherweight, Lightweight, and Super Lightweight. He is currently 34-0 and generally regarded as one of the finest fighters of today.

David Reid won the WBA Light Middleweight title in 1999 after only 12 fights. He would make two defenses before losing the title to Felix Trinidad. After suffering from a detached retina, his career faltered. He won three more times before losing to Sam Hill. Reid then decided to call it quits in 2001 with a record of 17-2(7).

Antonio Tarver would go on to defeat Roy Jones Jr. and claim the world Light Heavyweight crown. After losing the crown to Glen Johnson, he regained it in his next fight. He is currently 23-3.