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Abner Mares vs. Eric Morel

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2012-04-21 : Abner Mares 119½ lbs beat Eric Morel 120 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • Abner Mares 23-0-1 (13 KOs) vs. Eric Morel 46-2 (23 KOs)
  • Mares entered as the # 2 bantamweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Morel, a 13/1 betting underdog, was ranked as the # 5 bantamweight by the same publication. [1] [2]
  • Neither fighter was ranked at 122 pounds when the WBC sanctioned the fight. Then, after the fight was made, in the April rankings, Mares, with zero accomplishment at 122 pounds, was installed as the No. 1 contender by the WBC. Morel, who was not in the WBC's top ten at 118 lbs appeared at No. 5 in the April junior featherweight rankings. [3]

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