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Class of 2000
Old Timer Category
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Name: Ad Wolgast
Alias: Michigan Wildcat
Birth Name: Adolphus Wolgast
Born: 1888-02-08
Birthplace: Cadillac, Michigan, USA
Died: 1955-04-14 (Age:67)
Hometown: Cadillac, Michigan, USA
Height: 5′ 4½″   /   164cm
Reach: 65½″   /   166cm
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Manager: Larney Lichtenstein
Ad Wolgast Gallery

Ad Wolgast was the elder brother of fellow boxers Johnny and Al Wolgast.

Wolgast was declared incompetent in 1917 and a guardianship was established for him. He suffered a nervous breakdown in 1918 and placed in a sanitarium from where he "escaped." In September 1918, he sent a letter from northern Wisconsin saying he was running a freshwater boat but was moving further north to become a lumberjack. His wife and mother controlled his estate, estimated at $150,000. In December 1918 a Los Angeles court found him competent to handle his own affairs, and terminated the guardianship.

In the early 1920s, Jack Doyle, famous for his Vernon, California boxing venue, took Wolgast "under his wing," and allowed him to train at his boxing gym, promising Wolgast a bout "tomorrow." Tomorrow never came, yet Wolgast continued to train diligently every day for that bout tomorrow.

After again committed to another mental hospital, he was beaten by guards who had heard that he was "a tough guy." (Some report, apparently incorrectly, that he died as a result of this beating.)

He died April 14, 1955 in Camarillo, California, USA, of heart complications.

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