Adrien Broner vs. Fernando Quintero

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2009-05-08 : Adrien Broner 131½ lbs beat Fernando Quintero 132 lbs by MD in round 8 of 8


  • Weights: Broner 131.5 lbs, Quintero 132 lbs


Broner has serious speed and good defensive reflexes, and he showed it in the 1st and 2nd rounds. But Quintero eventually began to take advantage of Broner's wide stance. The jab/overhand right/work the body on the inside tactic was very effective. But Quintero took the fight on four days notice, and Broner was better conditioned. Broner also began to circle Quintero on his toes in the last two rounds, and he was better able to counter with his feet not being so set.