Alexis Arguello vs. James Busceme

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1982-02-13 : Alexis Arguello 135 lbs beat James Busceme 134½ lbs by TKO at 2:35 in round 6 of 15

In an exciting nationally televised bout, Arguello defended his world title against the Lightweight Champion of Texas, James 'Bubba' Busceme. In a bout that was surprisingly competitive, Arguello was reduced to counter punching against a defensive and skilled opponent. In a surprise, Busceme seemed to score with jab combinations as well as Arguello did, and the fight remain close until the sixth. This was a strategic, meticulous war.

In the sixth round, Arguello began scoring more often with right-left combinations, as well as countering well over Busceme's left with his right. With Busceme finally staggered on his feet by an Arguello right, and with Busceme's hands down, the referee stopped the fight. This was the first time since 1971-going back over sixty-five fights-that a bout Arguello was in ended in the sixth round. Arguello appeared overly cautious and curious with the unknown Busceme, who had won 15 of his last 16 and had knocked out many of his opponents. Arguello appeared to be fighting a number of rounds with the thought 'Be careful because I don't know anything about this guy' and-in scoring a masterful win-did not at any point take unneccessary chances with Busceme or underestimate the ability of his dangerous opponent.