Angel Manfredy

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Angel Manfredy was a popular late 90's fighter. He lost 2 out of his first 5 fights but then won an impressive 23 in a row. He beat former champions like Wilson Rodriguez, Calvin Grove, and Jorge Paez before landing his first big level appearance against Arturo Gatti in the latter's hometown. Manfredy was a big underdog but dominated the fight, knocking gatti down in round 3 and eventually stopping him on cuts in round 9.

Following this fight Angel fought some C opponents before fighting Floyd Mayweather in a major HBO event. Manfredy was stopped in the second round after a barrage of punches. Some called the stoppage premature.

Following this fight Manfredy won a fight against Ivan Robinson in what had been HBO boxing after dark's highest rated show of 1999. Manfredy He fought for another world title against Stevie Johnston in 1999 but was thoroughly outboxed. After this Angel has boxed some opponents here and there with little success. Paul Spadafora beat Angel in a close desicison in early 2002 and after that point on Manfredy has lost to journeyman fighters.