Antonio DeMarco vs. Adrien Broner

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Official Fight Poster

2012-11-17 : Adrien Broner 134½ lbs beat Antonio DeMarco 134½ lbs by TKO at 1:49 in round 8 of 12

Adrian Broner claimed the WBC lightweight title in convincing fashion, scoring an eighth-round technical knockout knockout victory over defending Antonio DeMarco in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Broner controlled the action throughout, caught DeMarco repeatedly with power punches, and proved a difficult target en route to his fifth consecutive win in world-title bouts.

The fifth round was a strong one for Broner, who peppered DeMarco with power shots (52 of 78) highlighted by quick right uppercuts. By the end of the round, DeMarco had developed some bruising and a cut had opened under his left eye. Broner continued to land power shots at a high rate in the sixth and drew a grimace from DeMarco in the final minute following a left hand to the body.

A crisp combination capped with a sweeping left uppercut caught DeMarco under the chin midway through Round 8 and sent the champion backward and down to a knee. The DeMarco corner came onto the ring apron and waved the towel, and referee Benjy Esteves Jr. waved an end to the bout without reaching the count of ten.


  • Antonio DeMarco 28-2-1 (21 KOs) vs. Adrien Broner 24-0 (20 KOs)
  • DeMarco entered as a 5.25-to-1 betting underdog. [1]
  • In a minor occurrence prior to the fight, DeMarco's corner argued that Broner's gloves were a little smaller than they should be. The issue was resolved and the fight continued as planned.


  • "I'm not coming just to win this fight, I'm coming to knock DeMarco out. This fight is speed versus power and it's going to be just another day in the ring for me. Going up in weight is going to be different and I know he can hit, but you can't hit what you can't see and I'm too fast and furious for him. Power is nothing if you can't connect." - Adrien Broner [2]