Arthur Abraham vs. Edison Miranda (2nd meeting)

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2008-06-21 : Arthur Abraham 166 lbs beat Edison Miranda 165 lbs by TKO at 1:13 in round 4 of 12

Bout Summary

Abraham miranda.jpg

The fight took place at a catchweight of 166 lbs, so Abraham's IBF middleweight title was not on the line. Abraham immediately backed Miranda up with hard right jabs before backing off himself behind a high, tight guard. A Miranda right hand landed off the gloves of Abraham as he came out more measured than he had the first time around. Abraham set in to work the body but a stray shot brought a low blow warning from the referee. Miranda made the fight throughout the second round as Abraham did little in the way of punching. Thudding body shots landed on Abraham, but Miranda could get little past the gloves upstairs. A low blow landed from Miranda in the final thirty seconds that brought a brief halt to the action; Abraham calmly caught his breath before returning to his defensive posture. Abraham waved Miranda forward after another barrage of shots bounced off his gloves before landing two body shots and a hard right hand for his best work of the bout. Miranda drew a warning for holding and hitting before another right hand from Abraham buckled his knees. Abraham stepped back rather than following up, choosing to maintain a methodical game plan. The game plan was sound. In the first minute of the fourth round, a perfectly timed right hand-left hook sent Miranda to the floor. Miranda rose, clearly hurt, and this time Abraham would not fail to press the advantage. Another left hook would drop Miranda along the ropes and Miranda would again rise but his legs were clearly gone and the end was at hand. Abraham would land a final striking right hand for the round's third knockdown as the referee leapt in to halt the action before Miranda could attempt to rise again.

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