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[[Image:grigorian.jpg|left|Artur Grigorian]]
[[Image:grigorian.jpg|left|thumb|Artur Grigorian]]
'''Manager:''' [[Klaus-Peter Kohl]]<br>
'''Trainer:''' [[Fritz Sdunek]]<br>
<br clear=all>
<br clear=all>
== Amateur Highlights ==
== Amateur Highlights ==
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{{end box}}
[[Category:Soviet Olympians|Grigorian, Artur]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Grigorian, Artur}}
[[Category:1992 Olympians|Grigorian, Artur]]
[[Category:Armenian Boxers]]
[[Category:Armenian Boxers|Grigorian, Artur]]
[[Category:Armenian World Champions]]
[[Category:World Lightweight Champions|Grigorian, Artur]]
[[Category:1992 Olympians]]
[[Category:Uzbekistani World Champions|Grigorian, Artur]]
[[Category:Soviet Olympians]]
[[Category:World Lightweight Champions]]
[[Category:Uzbekistani World Champions]]
[[Category:Southpaw World Champions]]

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Artur Grigorian

Name: Artur Grigorian
Alias: King Artur
Birth Name: Atuiz Grigorjan
Born: 1967-10-20
Birthplace: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 5′ 7½″   /   171cm
Reach: 69″   /   175cm
Boxing Record: click

Manager: Klaus-Peter Kohl
Trainer: Fritz Sdunek

Amateur Highlights

Preceded by:
Oscar De La Hoya
WBO Lightweight Champion
1996 Apr 13 – 2004 Jan 3
Succeeded by:
Acelino Freitas