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*Time: 3:00<br>
*Time: 3:00<br>
*Weights: Gatti 140 lbs, Mayweather 139 lbs<br>
*Weights: Gatti 140 lbs, Mayweather 139 lbs<br>
*Promoter: Main Events<br>
*Promoter: [[Main Events]]<br>
*Doctors: Howard Taylor, Marc Shaber, Domenic Coletta
*Doctors: Howard Taylor, Marc Shaber, Domenic Coletta
<br clear=all>
<br clear=all>

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2005-06-25 : Arturo Gatti 140 lbs lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr 139 lbs by RTD at 3:00 in round 6 of 12

Compubox punchstats
Total Punches Mayweather Gatti
Landed 168 41
Thrown 295 245
Pct. 57% 17%
Power Punches Mayweather Gatti
Landed 115 n/a
Thrown 183 n/a
Pct. 63% n/a



- This bout had been in the making for over a year and a half. Gatti and Mayweather were both stars in thier respective weight divisions and after Gatti won the WBC title in January of 2004 Mayweather was the WBC #1 ranked contender.
- Gatti had requested several voluntary defenses from the WBC before finally agreeing to fight Floyd Mayweather.
- The fight between the two fighters was billed as a superfight.
- It would be the first time that Floyd mayweather headlined a PPV event. Before the fight there was plenty of trash talk between the two fighters and Floyd had repeatedly referred to gatti as a "C" fighter.
- When it came to fight time, Mayweather's handspeed was simply overwhelming as he landed three and four punch combinations at will.
- Gatti was down in the first round and Gatti took a one-sided beating for six rounds before his cornerman, Buddy McGirt, decided to stop it after the 6th round. After the fight Floyd was generally regarded as the P4P number 1 fighter in boxing.
- Data Boxing had Mayweather leading in controls (back pedals, ducks, etc.} 107 to 79.

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