Bermane Stiverne vs. Robert Hawkins

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2009-02-14 : Bermane Stiverne 254½ lbs beat Robert Hawkins 250 lbs by UD in round 8 of 8


Stiverne dropped Robert Hawkins in the first with a left hook. When Hawkins got back up they exchanged throwing heavy punches with no consideration on defense. Stiverne landed two huge right hands, followed by a slapping right hand that bounce off of Hawkins' head. The second round was also an all out battle with both going for the knockout. In the third, Stiverne began to box while Hawkins threw heavy punches to the body and was making the fight by coming forward. Stiverne was throwing a lot of straight punches with some crosses and a hook every once in a while, Hawkins stuck with the right and left hooks to the body and head. A right hook in the third got the attention of Stiverne and he held on, with Hawkins closing the round hard. In the seventh, Hawkins began to box effectively but a clash of heads stopped the action briefly. The eight and final round was action packed with Stiverne mouth's flowing blood. Stiverne looked like the fresher of the two, but both were able to land heavy shots.