Bernard Hopkins vs. Segundo Mercado (1st meeting)

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Bernard Hopkins vs. Segundo Mercado (1st meeting).jpg

1994-12-17 : Bernard Hopkins 157 lbs drew with Segundo Mercado 158 lbs by PTS in round 12 of 12


  • Fought in a bull ring.
  • Hopkins down in the fifth. After being dazed by a right hand, the fighters clinched. While clinched, Mercado landed a right uppercut that caused Hopkins to stumble backwards into the ropes landing on the seat of his pants.
  • Hopkins down in the seventh as a result of a left hook. Hopkins tumbles into the ropes head first on his way down.
  • Mercado was the first boxer to knock Hopkins down in a professional bout.
  • IBF ranked Hopkins at #1 and Mercado #2.

Preceded by:
Jones Jr vs. Tate
IBF Middleweight Title Fight
# 24
Succeeded by:
Hopkins vs. Mecado II