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These are the Annual Ratings as calculated by the BoxRec.com computer - also see BoxRec's Annual Ratings Men

You will find the boxers with 2 and more top ranks and the top 10 bouts in every weight division.

And you will also find the top 15 boxers of the year with their ratings and the top 10 bouts of the year with the ratings of the opponents for every weight division.

Annual Ratings Women
The Legends Women

Light Heavyweight 2004-05-08 2060 925 1136WKO Ann WolfeVonda Ward
Light Middleweight 2008-06-13 1776 902 1049WUD Holly HolmMary Jo Sanders
Lightweight 2008-08-11 1731 935 954WUD Ann SaccuratoFujin Raika
Super Featherweight 2007-04-13 1509 524 1070WUD Jelena MrdjenovichFujin Raika
Welterweight 2001-11-17 1475 806 805WUD Christy MartinLisa Holewyne
Lightweight 2007-09-27 1384 131 941WKO Ann SaccuratoJessica Rakoczy
Super Bantamweight 2009-04-30 1360 754 742WUD Marcela Eliana AcunaJackie Nava
Light Welterweight 2009-10-09 1349 102 1118WUD Myriam LamareAnn Saccurato
Light Welterweight 2004-05-20 1325 682 772WPTSMary Jo SandersChevelle Hallback
Light Welterweight 2004-08-19 1316 958 658WTKOMary Jo SandersLisa Holewyne