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Inaugurated in Year 2000 with a database of 20,000 bouts, (Boxing Records Archive) has grown by leaps and bounds, with over a million bouts entered by 2005. Its volunteer Editors scour magazines, record books, scrapbooks, and newspaper microfilm, attend boxing shows, and maintain contact with various boxing commissions throughout the world, to continually add old and new bouts. Its Editors are located in Europe; North, Central and South America; Australia; Asia; Africa; and elsewhere. Presently they insert an average of 2,000 "new" entries each week into the BoxRec database. (The Association of Boxing Commissions dictates that "Official Boxer Records" be based solely upon the “official commission results” of the host state. Thus, for recent bouts, BoxRec attempts to rely exclusively upon such commission results whenever possible.)

But unlike boxing record sources of the past, actually cites the exact venues, referees, judges, official weights, knockout times, promoters, and anecdotes of many bouts.

The BoxRec database does not include amateur, bare-knuckle (pre-Marquis of Queensbury Rules) or exhibition bouts, although such matches might be mentioned in the boxer's BoxRec Wikipedia biography.

The BoxRec database is searchable by:

  • Date: Learn all known bouts that occurred on a particular date, often-times including entire historical cards.
  • Managers: A list of active managers and their clients.
  • Match: By division and nationality
  • Country: Discover all bouts in the database for any country, by year.
  • State: Discover all bouts in the database for any American state, by year.
  • Name: Search for any boxer to learn his/her record to date. You can click on his/her opponent's name to immediately go to that person's record; or click on the date of any bout in the record to see what others were fought on that day.
  • Officials: Judges & Referees (Current & Old-Timers)
  • Promoters: Current & Old-Timers
  • Ratings: BoxRec Ratings are computer-generated and re-calculated daily, integrating the new bouts inserted by the Editors into the database during the previous 24 hours. (How those ratings are calculated can be found here.)
  • Results: Boxing results from the past week.
  • Schedule: Learn what fights are up-coming.
  • Title: Find championship matches--by commission or country, and division.

Access to the BoxRec Boxing Wikipedia via Blue Book Icons

  • If you see this Book-closed.gif when visiting a BoxRec boxer's record, immediately below his profile, that means nothing has been entered so far into his "Wiki" biography. His page is empty.
  • But if you see this open book icon Book-open.gif, click on it to learn more about that boxer.
  • If you see a closed book icon Book-closed.gif to the far right of the page when visiting a BoxRec boxer's record page (Tyson's, for example), or when searching precise dates (an example date), that means nothing has been entered so far about that fight.
  • But if you see the open book Book-open.gif, to the far right of the page, some text and/or images have been inserted about the fight. Click on the blue book to learn more about that fight. It will lead you back to this Wikipedia. Both the boxer and fight "blue book" icons are doors to the full Boxing Wikipedia; so once you're inside the Wiki, explore the other boxing-related pages and subjects besides boxers and fights. (This feature is sometimes turned "off" to lessen the load on the BoxRec server.)

Note: A BoxRec Editor is able to unlock the closed book, to insert text and images to the Wiki pages of boxers and bouts. Once material has been added, the book then remains open for all to see and and click on to enter the Wiki.

  • See also, BoxRec Ratings Description: Explains how the Current and All-Time Ratings are calculated (these are for entertainment purposes only)
  • BoxRec's Annual Ratings: BoxRec's computer calculations, ranking the top-rated boxers, by division, annually from the 1920s to the present.
  • BoxRec Fight Record Codes: Explains how to read the code and shorthand found in the database's fight records.
  • Visit also the BoxRec Message Forum
  • Home Page
  • To become a fellow volunteer Editor, email: