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Please write in English only; do not write in another language. Otherwise the page may be deleted, because this is an English-only boxing encyclopaedia.

Please do not paste news articles from other websites that you do not have the permission to use. Articles that are pasted from another site will be deleted. Continued abuse of this policy will result in the User and his IP being banned indefinitely. It is acceptable and encouraged that the User link to the news article, if they do not have permission.

Doing your own work and writing your own fight summaries, biographies, or quoting a source used in the text of a Wiki page, is acceptable.

Try to maintain a neutral point of view (NPV) when working on a Wiki Page. Pages that are heavily biased or are slanderous will be edited or deleted. Maintaining a neutral point of view also means that the author should not write in the first person. Example: "I watched this fight from ringside. It was a great fight, Smith clobbered Jones with a left hook." Instead, something like this should be written: "Smith knocked down Jones with a left hook." (However, feel free to write in the first person in the "Talk," "Discussion," or "Discuss this page" pages as long as you post questions, make comments and suggestions, and so forth, on how to improve any page in this Encyclopaedia. Just be sure to add your "signature.")

Also try and avoid Peacock Terms, with statements like "Graham was an underrated fighter." Instead try to write an article using facts to help convince the reader that Graham was in fact an underrated fighter.

See also the "Help" page.