Brandon Rios vs. Richar Abril

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Official Fight Poster

2012-04-14 : Brandon Rios 137 lbs beat Richar Abril 135 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


  • Brandon Rios 29-0-1 (22 KOs) vs. Richard Abril 17-2-1 (8 KOs)
  • Rios entered as the # 2 lightweight in the world according to The Ring Magazine. Abril, a 5/1 betting underdog, was ranked # 10 by the same publication. [1] [2]
  • For the second consecutive fight, Rios failed to make the 135-pound limit. He weighed in at 137 lbs. and was given an hour to lose the weight. He returned to the scales at 139 lbs. The Nevada State Athletic Commission fined him $45,000. Half that amount went to the commission, and the other half will go to Abril. Rios too agreed to pay Abril an undisclosed amount so he would go through with the fight at a weight disadvantage. [3]
  • Abril's purse was $100,000, plus he received $22,500 from the fine and the additional payment from Rios along with a $50,000 bonus if he won. Rios was not eligible for the winner's bonus due to his failure to make weight.
  • Rios was originally scheduled to fight Yuriorkis Gamboa, who failed to make promotional appearances for the fight and pulled out saying he was unhappy with his $1.1 million purse. Top Rank and Bob Arum countered by filing a lawsuit against Gamboa and selected Abril as the replacement. [4]
  • Attendance was 3,705.
  • Through seven rounds, both Rich Marotta and Dan Rafael had it 60-55 for Abril. Rafael had it 118-110 for Abril. Marotta scored it 117-111 for Abril.

Bout Summary

Both men landed some decent shots in the opening round as Abril moved around and looked to work with straight shots from a distance. Rios came forward and threw combinations on the inside. Abril was warned for using his forearm in a clinch. Abril was again warned in Round 2 for using his forearm in a clinch as he tried to tie up Rios when in close. Rios likely earned the round landing cleaner power punches. Rios snapped back the head of Abril in Round 3 with an uppercut and seemed to take the round with aggression. Abril found success with the jab and straight right hands in Round 4. Rios was warned in Round 4 for a kidney punch. In Rounds 5 and 6, Rios followed Abril around the ring, tried to get on the inside and work with combinations. Abril continued to move and fire jabs and straight rights as Rios came forward. Abril likely took Round 7 as Rios began to appear to be a bit winded and slowed. Abril was warned in Round 7 for holding. Abril threw less in Round 9 and was often met with a chorus of boos from the pro-Rios crowd as he continued to hold on the inside. Rios threw but was sluggish and many of his shots landed on Abril's gloves. Rios was frustrated by Round 10 and was warned in the round for hitting Abril during a break. Abril continued to pile up rounds in the 11th seeming to find a second wind. Rios alternated between laying on Abril and throwing to the body in close, but with little purpose as he did many of the previous rounds.


  • "Oh my god. That is horrible. That is absolutely disgusting. Rios did not win that fight. Abril schooled him. That is why boxing is a fringe sport. What did he have to do kill Rios to get a decision? Digusting. Somebody call the police. Abril robbed at judge point. I've seen WWE matches that were more legit than the scoring." - Dan Rafael reacting to the judges' scoring. [5]
  • F--- this corrupt, self destructive industry. We suck as legit sport, Sorry kid (Abril), you should be a champ. You picked the wrong biz. As God is my judge, I'd love to get out of this filthy cesspool." Lou DiBella [6]
  • "The decision was a disgrace, I won this fight!" Richard Abril
  • "Unbelievable. Boxing takes another hit. No way Rios won that fight. I can't see giving Rios more than 4 rounds. Too bad for Abril. He controlled the fight. I hate when a guy does his job and then is cheated." - Mike Rosenthal [7]
  • "Worst decision in YEARS! I had it 118-110 for Abril. There's no way Rios won a split decision." Doug Fischer [8]