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“Boxing Referee Retires From Ring” 1/19/09

The National Boxing Association President, Walter ‘Butch’ Flansburg announced today, that veteran World Class Referee, Brian Garry, has made the decision to hang up his ‘Bow Tie’. Mr. Garry, often referred to as ‘Your Third Man in the Ring’, has acted as the ‘Third Man’, for over 25 years, inside the ‘Squared Circle’.

He began his career as a referee, in 1983, in a four rounder, at the Curtis Hixon Hall, in Tampa, Florida, on USA Cable’s “Friday Night Fights”. With 59 World title Bouts to his credit, and over 1,300 pro bouts called, Brian has traveled the world. He has officiated in 5 Continents, 22 countries, numerous states in the USA, and 33 cities in his state of Florida. Listed in the Top 50 ‘Refs’ World Wide, in Ring Magazine, 1998-99, he was also awarded the NBA’s ‘Referee of the Year’, in 2004. In 1992, he conducted the IBF’s, ‘Referee’s Training Seminar’,in Orlando, Fl. Then again he was asked to serve, in Acupulco, Mexico, at he IBF’s 2000 International Convention. He has called title fights for all of the major Sanctioning bodies; WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, NBA ,WBU, and the IBO, over his long career.

Being in, with the likes of, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Roy Jones Jr,. Roberto Duran, Oliver McCall, Alexis Arguello, Tommy Morrison, Davey ‘Boy’ McAuley, Frankie Randall, Cassius Balyoi, Francios Botha, Greg Page, Mike Weaver, Winky Wright, Sylvio Branco, Nate Campbell, Jan Zaveck, Sergeji Dzinziruk, Samuel Peter, Yoriokis Gamboa, Juan LaPorte, Swen Ottke, and Dirk Dzemski, is to name a few of the Champions, who have highlighted his career.

Traveling to Beijing,China, with Muhammed Ali, in 1993, and 94, then working the 1996 Olympics, in Atlanta, along with his USABoxing officials, were memories he will cherish. Additionally he has acted as a Judge, for 8 World Title Bouts, during his long and exciting Boxing history.

Stepping down from the Ring Wars, will allow Brian to work on the newly formed, “Florida Boxing Hall of Fame”, along with pursuing some other opportunities in the T.V. and Media relations with the “Sweet Science”. His lasting motto has always been since day one, round one; “Stop it one punch too soon, rather than one punch too late”. We wish him all the best, with his endeavors, and look forward to his new book release, “Your Third Man in the Ring”.

Brian mention's that "growing up", his hometown was Springfield,Ohio,the Home of Davey Moore, World Featherweight Champion, 1958-1963. "It was in the GYM where Davey trained, and my Father help run, Local 402, UAW-CIO-AF of L. that I was first exposed to the "Sweet Science". My dad had me using the hand held stop watch, for sparring sessions, sweeping the deck, picking up the tape and handing out the water bottles, etc. Pretty soon, someone put a pair of 16 ounce training gloves on me, and after about 2-3 months of 'Bloody Nose Alley', I had my first 'Smoker'! It was at a UAW sponsored picnic, out-side ring,a kid named Richard White, and I squared off, for the amusement of the "drunken" UAW members, before the Good Amatuers, and Pros, showed off their 'Stuff'. I was so sacred, my legs were shaking, like a dog "crapping razor blades". It seemed like a 'Lifetime', but in reality the rounds were probably only 1 1/2, or 2min. long. The best part, was after the final bell, the crowd tossed change & some paper money onto the matt, as a sign of "approval" of our 'scrapping'.

The 'Bug had Bitten me'.