Canadian Boxing Federation Super Bantamweight Title Fights

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Super Bantamweight title fights as recognized by the Canadian Boxing Federation.

  • Also known as Junior Featherweight and Light Featherweight.
  • The maximum weight for this division is 122 pounds (55.3 kg or 8 stone 10 lbs).

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1 2002 Feb 15 Steve Molitor TKO 5 Scotty Olson Inaugural Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
2 2006 Oct 28 Jason Hayward TKO 1 Stephen Rose Vacant St-John, Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN
3 2007 Oct 13 Buzz Grant UD 10 Jason Hayward - Brampton, Ontario, CAN
4 2008 Nov 21 Omar Valdez MD 10 Steve Cannell Vacant Edmonton, Alberta, CAN
5 2009 Oct 3 Tyson Cave UD 10 Steve Cannell Vacant Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
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