Carl Froch vs. Andre Dirrell

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2009-10-17 : Carl Froch 167¼ lbs beat Andre Dirrell 167½ lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • WBC Super Middleweight Title
  • Dirrell was deducted one point in the 10th round for excessive holding.
  • Data Boxing Stats: Blows- Froch 153/475 32%, Dirrell 105/315 33%; Controls- Froch 123( 25 attacks), Dirrell 126( 29 clinches, 17 circles).

In an exciting Showtime fight which appeared as if it could go either way on the scorecards, Carl Froch remained unbeaten at 26-0 and retained his WBC Super Middleweight title by split decision over American challenger Andre Dirrell. Froch chased the southpaw Dirrell all night, and threw many punches 'into the wind' as the agile Dirrell constantly moved from side to side and slipped the majority of Froch's punches. Froch moved forward for all 12 rounds as the aggressor throwing many combinations, while Dirrell counterpunched extremely well and landed a number of powerful right hand leads. One point of controversy was that Froch frequently hit Dirrell behind the head, and was warned but not penalized by the referee, yet Dirrell was not warned in the tenth when the referee decided to take a point away from him for holding. In round 12, Dirrell was warned by the referee for hitting Froch behind the head, when in fact it was Froch that had hit just hit Dirrell behind the head! Without the point deduction, the bout would have been closer. Most of these rounds were quiet defensive gems, causing the crowd to boo the lack of action at the end of every round. At the end of round 11, Dirrell's grandfather told him in his corner "You better knock Froch out because they ain't never gonna give us a decision here." But the hometown crowd was quiet during rounds, so scoring appeared fair. In the post fight Showtime interview, the previously unbeaten Dirrell conceded he lost round 12, but looked forward to fighting Arthur Abraham.