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Carlos Monzon vs. Bennie Briscoe (2nd meeting)

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Monzon & Briscoe

1972-11-11 : Carlos Monzon 158¼ lbs beat Bennie Briscoe 157½ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

  • WBC Middleweight Title
  • WBA Middleweight Title
  • Weights: Briscoe 157, Monzon 158

In his first fight with Carlos Monzon in Argentina, Briscoe walked away with a draw. He said getting a draw in Argentina is getting a victory in the United States. In this rematch with Monzon for the title, Briscoe badly stunned the champion in the 9th round, but failed to score a knockout. Monzon always respected Briscoe, and when the champion was New York, he gave Briscoe a warm greeting.

Preceded by:
Monzon vs. Bogs
WBA Middleweight Title Fight
# 23
WBC Middleweight Title Fight
# 21
Succeeded by:
Monzon vs. Griffith II

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