Cassius Clay vs. Doug Jones

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1963-03-13 : Muhammad Ali 202½ lbs beat Doug Jones 188 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

Unofficial scorecards:

  • AP: 5-4-1 Jones
  • UPI: 6-3-1 Clay
  • Oakland Tribune: 5-4-1 Jones
  • Long Beach Press-Telegram: 7-1-2 Clay
  • UPI poll of 25 writers at ringside: 13 for Jones, 10 for Clay, and 2 even.


The spindly-legged New Yorker gave Cassius Clay quick notice that he had no intention of falling quickly. Early in the first round, he caught Cassius with a hard right to the jaw that shook the cocky one all over. Clay had just leaned his head back and Jones came through with a right. Jones also rocked Clay in the fourth and seventh rounds, and at times made the tall, handsome youngster look like a novice. Cassius was often short with his piston-like left jabs and Jones blocked many other punches. Clay finally penetrated Jones' guard in the third round with snapping left jabs and fast combinations to the head. But not once did the dead-panned underdog waver under fire. When the fourth round started, the crowd roared in anticipation. Cassius bared his white mouthpiece and leered at Jones. But Jones didn't scare a bit. With 15 seconds left in the round, it was evident Jones wasn't going to fall. The crowd gave out the boos. Jones had the edge going into the ninth. Then Clay opened up. His hands pumping like pistons, he unleashed barrages of eight and ten punches at a clip. Jones took it all and replied with punches of his own. Cassius, however, had a big edge in the last two rounds, especially the tenth, when they staged several hot trades to the delight of the crowd. - Associated Press


  • Clay was a 3 to 1 favorite.
  • Clay predicted he would stop Jones in six rounds but changed it to four.
  • A capacity crowd of 18,732 filled Madison Square Garden.
  • The live gate was $104,943, and the closed-circuit telecast brought in about $200,000.
  • Clay made about $90,000 and Jones made $75,000.
  • Named The Ring Fight of the Year.


  • "I didn't like the picture in the papers of Jones reading a book called The Rise and Fall of Cassius Clay." - Cassius Clay on why he changed his KO prediction from six rounds to four.
  • "I thought I was going to finish him in the fourth, but he's tougher than I thought he was. I understand Liston is watching. When I get back to Miami, I'll take care of the bum. He'll fall in eight. I won't mess around next time." - Cassius Clay
  • "I'm not knocking his big mouth, he made me a lot of dough. He talks a lot outside but doesn't show much in the ring. He better fight me again before he even thinks of Liston." - Doug Jones
  • "Clay will be Liston's next title opponent at Philadelphia in June or July - after we get rid of Floyd Patterson on April 10th." - Jack Nilon, adviser to Sonny Liston
  • "Clay showed me that I'll get locked up for murder if we're ever matched." - Sonny Liston