Chad Dawson vs. Glen Johnson (2nd meeting)

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2009-11-07 : Chad Dawson 175 lbs beat Glen Johnson 173½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

In a fight which did not appear to be as close as th scoring indicated, Boxrec # 1 rated light heavyweight Chad Dawson went to 29-0, 17 kos, with a unanimous decision over challenger Glen Johnson. Both fighters appeared in excellent condition, and Johnson, who came forward the whole night, seemed eager to take the fight to Dawson rom the opening bell. But it was not to be. Dawson countered punched cleverly with a jab here, a power punch here, and and an uppercut there the entire bout while moving side-to-side. Dawson landed far more oftent han Johnson did, and Johnson, who lacked a game plan, didn't find the going much different in his second bout with Dawson than he did in his first. Still, by the scoring, if one more point had turned for Johnson and away from Dawson in any round, the bout would have been a draw.