Chicago Golden Gloves

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Chicago Tribune Golden Gloves Medal
  • The Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament was initiated by Chicago Tribune sports editor Arch Ward in the 1920's. The tournament has been referred to as the Chicago city or metropolitan Golden Gloves Tournament. In the 1930's an additional event was added by including Golden Gloves teams from other states that were considered western at the time. This tournament became known as the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. In 1962 the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions became the National Golden Gloves of the US, with fighters from the east participating. Chicago discontinued the tournament after 1963. The National Golden Gloves (Golden Gloves of America) assumed control of the tournament in 1964. The city tournament is still in existence today.
  • The Chicago Golden Gloves Tournaments were originally fought in eight weight divisions: 112 lb., 118 lb., 125 lb., and 147 lb., 160 lb., 175 lb. and Heavyweight.