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{{start box}}
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  before=[[Derrick Gainer]]<br>Lost bid for Super Championship|
  before=Regular Champion<br>[[Derrick Gainer]]|
  title=[[WBA Featherweight Champion]]|
  title=[[WBA Featherweight Champion]]|
  start=2003 Nov 1
years=2005 &ndash; 2009 Mar 27<br>'''Regular Champion'''<br>'''Upgraded to Super Champion'''<br>2009 Mar 27 &ndash; present<br>'''Super Champion'''|
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Chris John

Name: Chris John
Alias: The Dragon
Birth Name: Yohannes Christian John
Born: 1979-09-14
Birthplace: Jakarta, Indonesia
Hometown: Semarang, Indonesia
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 6½″   /   169cm
Reach: 69″   /   175cm
Boxing Record: click

Trainer: Craig Christian
Manager: Craig Christian

Besides a professional boxer, Chris John is also a member of the national wushu team (wushu: a Chinese martial art, similar to kungfu), often representing Indonesia in some multi-event games, like the South East Asian Games or the Asian Games. His best achievements as a wushu athlete are:

  • Gold Medalist, at the South East Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia, 1997
  • Bronze Medalist, at the South East Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2001
  • Gold Medalist, Indonesian multi events games (National Olympic), Jakarta, 1996
  • Gold Medalist, Indonesian wushu championship

John started learning boxing in his early childhood (six years old), and was trained by his father Johan Tjahjadi (aka Thjia Foek Sem), a former amateur boxer. John is the third Indonesian to win a boxing world title, following Ellyas Pical (three times IBF junior bantamweight champion, 1985-1989), and Nico Thomas (IBF strawweight champion, 1989). Before turning professional in 1997, John was an amateur boxer with a few local bouts since 1995 when he was only 15 years old for a local championship in his hometown of Banjarnegara. He then moved to Semarang, where he was handled by trainer and manager Sutan Rambing -- a well-known trainer in Indonesia and ex-amateur and professional fighter of the 1970s.

Formerly known as the "Indonesian Thin Man" as a tribute to the Nicaraguan lightweight legend, the "Explosive Thin Man"--Alexis Arguello, in February '06 John proclaimed a new nick name, "The Dragon" replacing his old nick name the "Indonesian Thin Man", as he said he is no longer thin, besides the dragon is an animal which brings luck in Chinese people's belief (John is an Indonesian of Chinese descent).

John split with Sutan Rambing in early 2005, then joined Harry's Gym in Perth, Australia, where he is currently trained and managed by Craig Christian.

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Regular Champion
Derrick Gainer
WBA Featherweight Champion
2003 Nov 1 – present
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