Chris John vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

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2006-03-04 : Chris John 125 lbs beat Juan Manuel Marquez 125 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Photo: Jeff Pamungkas

The Fight:

It was clear from the opening bell that Juan Manuel Marquez was in hostile territory. Everything that Chris John did, or attempted to do, was met with loud reactions from the crowd, as well as the overly boisterous commentators. The first third of the fight contained four extremely close rounds in which the variance in possible scoring was likely very wide. Chris John started to assert himself as the boxer while Marquez repeatedly tried to slash into John's guard with heavy punches. Chris John also landed his share of telling blows throughout the fight, but these were scattered and less frequent than Marquez's.

With the start of round 5, Marquez appeared to land the more telling punches as John became less active in the bout. This trend continued into round 10, where Marquez was deducted a point for repeated low blows against John. In round 11, John appeared to pick up the tempo. This round led to another point deduction against Marquez which sealed a 10-8 round for John. As the bout came to a close in round 12, it was clear that Marquez was low on stamina. The 12th was a close round, but likely a round that John rightfully won.

Due to the limited viewing by westerners, most reports came out of Asia. Those reports seemed to suggest that this was a just decision. However, many non-native onlookers, especially those who watched the fight without audio, seemed to favor Marquez in the bout. At the very least, the fight appeared much closer than the wide scores for John suggest.


- Marquez's scores were deducted twice for repeated low blows in rounds 10 and 11.
- This is the second mandatory fight for Chris John.
- The IBF decided to strip Juan Manuel Marquez's IBF belt, after no promoter bid for the IBF mandatory title fight Marquez vs Farakorb Rakkietgym (August 2005).
- The IBF's decision influenced the WBA to revoke Marquez's status as the super champion, and soon instructing John as the regular champion to fight Marquez in a mandatory bout.
- The WBA conducted a purse bid for John vs Marquez, October 2005. The only bidder MTM Promotions won the purse bid with the minimum bid of US$ 125,001.
- MTM Promotions sold the right of the fight to the Indonesian promoter Muhammad Arsyad, enabling the fight to be featured in Indonesia.
- March 4, 2006 becomes the final date of the fight after two postponments of initially scheduled matches on December 9, 2005 and February 4, 2006, canceled due to John's ankle ligament injury.
- The venue is actually a parking lot of Putri Karang Melenu Sports Hall, Tenggarong, which was developed into a new open air venue, and to be named as "The Golden Gate Arena".