Chris John vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

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  • This is the second mandatory fight for Chris John.
  • The IBF decided to strip JM Marquez's IBF belt, after no promoter bid for the IBF mandatory title fight Marquez vs Farakorb Rakkietgym (August 2005).
  • The IBF's decision influenced the WBA to revoke Marquez's status as the super champion, and soon instructing John as the regular champion to fight Marquez in a mandatory bout. The only bidder MTM Promotions won the purse bid in September 2005 with the minimum bid of US$ 125,001.
  • MTM Promotions sold the right of the fight to the Indonesian promoter Muhammad Arsyad, enabling the fight to be featured in Indonesia.
  • March 4, 2006 becomes the final date of the fight after twice postponments of the initial schedules on December 9, 2005 and February 4, 2006 due to John's ankle ligament injury.