Courtney Burton vs. Emanuel Augustus

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2004-07-06 : Courtney Burton 135 lbs beat Emanuel Augustus 140 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

  • Weights: Augustus 140, Burton 135
  • Burton threw some rabbit punches early in the bout.
  • Augustus delivered what ringside commentators thought were two clean body shots in the fourth round, sending Burton to his knees. But Referee Dan Kelley claimed it was a low blow and gave Burton five minutes rest.
  • Augustus received a warning from Kelley in the sixth round, although Burton threw some more rabbit punches and engaged in a little wrestling as well.
  • Burton threw a few more rabbit punches, and a kidney punch, in the middle of the ninth round, but Kelley deducted a point from Augustus for "spinning around."
  • A ringside Michigan official originally claimed it was a majority decision, but there was no even score by any judge.
  • The controversial split-decision prompted an investigation with the Michigan State Athletic Commission.