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(New page: <fight>1406833</fight> *'''Aired on:''' ''ESPN Friday Night Fights'' *'''Weights:''' McEwan 162½ lbs, Vera 163 lbs ==Summary== Vera would land the occasional looping right after that,...)
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2009-05-08 : Craig McEwan 162½ lbs beat Brian Vera 163 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10


Vera would land the occasional looping right after that, but McEwan, for the most part, adjusted, not going straight back -- usually, stepping in or to the side. In every round, almost, he flashed some new stuff that confused Vera. One round it was lead lefts. Another round, it was fighting well with his back on the ropes. In another round, it was the uppercut from the outside. McEwan would trade with Vera in the 7th to give Vera a chance -- even though McEwan got the better of the exchanges. Vera was tired from all the punches McEwan landed and all the missing by the 10th,