Daniel Geale vs. Osumanu Adama

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2012-03-07 : Daniel Geale 159½ lbs beat Osumanu Adama 159 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Daniel Geale Versus Osumanu Adama IBF World Middleweight Title Bout in Tasmania

  • The bout was originally supposed to be held in Adama's home city of Accra, Ghana, but Wasfi Tolaymat of Chicago Fight Club Promotion was unable to come to terms with connections in Ghana,. so the bout was rescheduled for Hobart, Tasmania, Geale's hometown, by promoter Gary Shaw. A bout in Ghana could have favored Adama on the cards.
  • One judge, Ian Scott of New Zealand, had only 24 bouts experience in six years, with no world title bouts
  • International Polish judge Pawel Kardyni scored the bout 115-113 for Geale, an extremely close margin.
  • International judge Dave Parris of London, United Kingdom, with hundreds of world title bouts judged, scored the bout 117-111 for Geale, while Ian Scott scored the bout 118-110 Geale.
  • Adama's trainer, Joseph Awinongya, engaged in 'verbal stoush' at the prefight press conference but there was no physical confrontation. [[1]][[2]]
  • Daniel Geale versus Osumanu Adama by the numbers career video statistics [[3]]
  • Daniel Geales versus Osuimanu Adama weigh-in clip [[4]] includes other fighters on the card
  • Osumanu Adama interview on eve of the bout [[5]]
  • The live webcast on WBCBOXING.TV which was scheduled to show DGeale versus Adama for free around the world was against the agreement of Gary Shaw Productions, forcing the stream to be cut off in the United States and on the WBCBOXING.TV website. Promoter Gary Shaw later stated, "The WBC has violated the agreement that was set in place (by attempting) to show the stream live in the U.S. for free. Because the WBC opened up the feed to the world, GSP had to kill the signal. The WBC website was only given permission to stream the feed in the U.S. and opening of the signal to the world created problems. On behalf of GSP, we apologize for the confusion."
  • Geale retains Title, ABC Grandstand Sport Story from Australia [[6]]
  • Adamas and his corner did not complain during or after the bout, but Adama was subsequently hospitalized complaining of eye problems due to a foreign substance getting in his eye.
  • Adama's management complained there were no officials in the dressing room during the bout or in both fighter's corners during the bout, as is normally required.
  • Adama's management later stated after the bout that IBF supervisor Ray Wheatley as well as the judges for the bout seemed friendly, neutral and fair.