Davey Moore vs. Cisco Andrade

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1962-03-09 : Davey Moore 132 lbs beat Cisco Andrade 135 lbs by TKO at 2:05 in round 7 of 10

Andrade was knocked down in the 6th round.

Source: Los Angeles Times

"Although featherweight champion Davey Moore was the winner over Cisco Andrade, he drew less attention in the one-sided non-title fight Friday night than referee George Latka. The Andrade camp was sore because Latka stopped the uneven match to save the 32 year old veteran from further damage. And the Moore people were mad because Latka accused Davey of 'carrying' his opponent in the early rounds. In the 7th, when Latka stopped the fight, a few empty beer cans and a couple of half-eaten hot dog buns sailed into the ring. Latka needed a police escort on his way to the dressing room.." -Associated Press

Post fight comment

  • "What would you do? Cisco had no chance to win. He was behind on points 10-0. He could have got hurt badly. He should quit." -Referee George Latka, on his decision to stop the fight.