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David Diaz vs. Manny Pacquiao

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Compubox Punchstats [1]
Total Punches Diaz Pacquiao
Landed 90 230
Thrown 463 788
Pct. 19% 29%
Jabs Diaz Pacquiao
Landed 31 50
Thrown 144 298
Pct. 22% 17%
Power Punches Diaz Pacquiao
Landed 59 180
Thrown 319 490
Pct. 18% 37%

2008-06-28 : Manny Pacquiao 134½ lbs beat David Diaz 135 lbs by TKO at 2:24 in round 9 of 12

Bout Summary

Pacquiao diaz.jpg

Pacquiao was stonger and faster than Diaz, pounding him with big punches from the first round on. Early in the bout, Pacquiao would step in and rip off three and four punch combinations at a time. He cut the nose of Diaz in the second round and a few rounds later he opened a gash above the right eye of Diaz, turning the fight into a bloody affair. The cut was bad enough to prompt the referee to have the doctor look at it twice during the fight. Pacquiao hurt Diaz with an uppercut in round eight and in the ninth round, a jab followed by a left hand that Diaz never saw coming, sent him down face first to the mat and the referee jumped in to stop the action. Pacquiao puts his name in the history books as the only Asian fighter to win four major titles in four weight classes.


Bob Arum reported that the fight had made 12.5 million dollars (250,000 pay-per-view subscriptions at $49.95 each), earning D�az his best payday of 850,000 dollars, whilst Pacquiao earned at least 3 million dollar. Official records revealed an attendance of 8,362 (out of a maximum capacity of 12,000). Holding both the WBC super featherweight and lightweight titles following the win, Pacquiao decided to vacate his super featherweight title in July 2008. [2]

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