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[[File:David Estrada.PNG|left|250px]]
[[File:David Estrada.PNG|left|250px]]
'''Advisor:''' [[Richard Spilotro]]
'''Advisor:''' [[Richard Spilotro]]

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David Estrada.PNG

Name: David Estrada
Alias: King David
Born: 1978-12-19
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 9″   /   175cm
Reach: 70″   /   178cm
Boxing Record: click

Advisor: Richard Spilotro

  • Won gold medal at the 1996 National Police Athletic League (PAL) championships at 139lbs
  • Competed at the 1997 PAL championships and the US Armature championships at 147lbs
  • Competed at the 1998 National Golden Gloves at 147lbs
  • Won a bronze medal at the 1998 PAL championships at 147lbs. Chicago Golden Gloves champion
  • Estrada is trained by former welterweight contender Fernando Hernandez
  • Estrada is managed by Wasfi Tolaymat of Chicago Fight Club Promotion
  • Estrada is Promoted by Boxing 360 of New York City
  • Beat 26-0-1 Orlando Lora in 2010 for WBC Fecombox title, biggest win of his career
  • Photo at right: heavyweight Carl Davis, middleweight Angel Hernandez, and David Estrada at the Ring 8 benefit for injured and retired boxers, Howard Beach, New York, January 2010
  • Youtube highlights of King David Estrada victory over Orlando Lora [1]
  • Youtube highlights of King David Estrada versus Andre Berto bout [2]
  • Youtube career highlights of King David Estrada[3]

Boxing 360 Arbitration Hearing

Estrada remains legally contractually promoted by the Boxing 360 promotional group in New York City led by Dr. Mario Yagobi. In June 2011, Boxing 360 won an arbitration hearing in New York City against Estrada and stablemate Angel Hernandez of Chicago. The American Arbitration Association in the City of New York ruled in favor of Boxing 360 as Estrada and Hernandez' promoters through February 15, 2013, as well as denying the boxer's claims for injunctive relief. David Estrada remains "Under contract with Boxing 360. My main goal was to show, as a relatively new boxing promoter, everyone in boxing that fighters can't pull that stuff with Boxing 360. We proved Boxing 360 will fight for what it believes in," noted Dr. Mario Yagobi, founder, president and CEO of Boxing 360, whose group continues official promotional representation of Estrada. [4] We represent David Estrada. If he does not want to fight, his contract will go on suspension until he fights (for us), noted Dr. Yagobi. [5]. Estrada and Hernandez remain under contract to Boxing 360.

"Boxing360 a cancer to the sport"

Estrada calls Boxing360 a cancer to the sport of Boxing. "The truth is BOXING 360 is bad for the sport and a place where you go to have your career END." [6]

Free Agency

Estrada, is a free agent as of 2013.