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Eddie Futch
Class of 1994
Non-Participant Category
Hall of Fame bio:click
World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Born: August 11, 1911 in Hillsboro, MS, USA
Died: October 10, 2001 in Las Vegas, NV, USA (natural causes)

Boxing Career

Eddie Futch boxed out of Detroit as an amateur, winning the Detroit Athletic Association Championship (1932) and the Detroit Golden Gloves (1933) as a lightweight. He was prevented from entering the professional ranks due to a heart murmur. He was a stablemate and sparring partner of highly-rated welterweight and middleweight Holman Williams and future World Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis, before leaving the sport for over a decade.

Trainer of Champions

Futch re-emerged as a trainer of amateurs and professionals in the 1950s. He guided his first pupil, Don Jordan, to the World Welterweight Championship in 1958. Futch was the trainer for both Joe Frazier and Ken Norton and prepared both Frazier and Norton with a strategy that lead to Muhammad Ali's first two defeats. Ultimately, he trained 21 world champions before retiring in 1998. He proclaimed Joe Frazier as his favorite fighter.

Stable Trained:

Awards & Recognition


  • Great Boxing Trainers - Ronald Fried
  • In The Corner - Great Boxing Trainers Talk About Their Art - Dave Anderson
  • Metro Detroit Boxing - Lindy Lindell Published 2001
  • The Independent 13 October 2001
  • The Ring July 1997